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25 December 1759

T. Becket returns his sincere thanks to Mr Strahan & Mr Rose[1] for their very kind and friendly advice, and for the trouble they have been at in regard to his affairs.[2] He has considered of Mr Millar’s proposal, and, tho late,[3] yet he is willing to show his readiness in complying with Mr Millar’s request, as he is so desireous of it.[4] Mr Millar truly knows the faithful & diligent servant he has had in him[5] – he also knows the Small income he has had, & what a family to maintain[6] – which he knows has been the cause of his endeavouring to do something more for their advantage.

In order to make both parties easy & to bring this affair to a final issue,[7] he will totally give up whatever Engagements he has entered into, Provided, Mr Millar, will allow him One Hundred a year for the future, (which he thinks is partly what was promised, or within a trifle) out of which he will pay for the Childrens Education & Board, which will be at least £20.[8] The Reversion of his Shop to me[9] I take very friendly, and depend on Mr Millar’s honour to make good that promise,[10] which he has made to you – whenever it happens Mr Millar shall find in me a most faithfull Steward in regard to every kind of Property he may intrust me with[11] – In the mean time I will do every thing in my power to make Business sit easy on him, and will neglect nothing that I think may advance it in any shape. His absence from it at any time I shall endeavour to fill up in the best manner I can –. The Incumbrances and Expences I have necessarily incurred[12] I make no doubt Mr Millar will readily take off my hands

They are as follows. –

  1. The House I have 8¾ Years to come by Lease[13] – the Rent from 1st Augt last, to this time, Mr Millar is to pay by Agreemt – and expect he will take it off of me from this time. The Rent is about £52 Taxes Included.[14]
  2. To pay fitting up the Shop, sign, sign Iron, [Pose] &c painting Shop, sign &c
  3. I am to pay for Shop Windows, Shop door, Wainscoat, Paper, Chimny Glass & Picture Marble Chimny piece, Slab, Copper, Jack, Kitchin Grate &c wc I take will be by Appraisement about £18– I have paid 2.12.6 for Leases, 1.12.0 for Insuring, and 1.1.0 for Papering.
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The Shop is a very good one and well situated, and make no doubt but it will soon let, and whoever takes it must pay for the fitting up Painting, kitchin furniture & other expences before mentiond –

I have been at many expences in Commissioning Mr Dehondts Books, who has sent to[15] near £300 – I dont want to trouble Mr Millar with this at all, only that he will allow me to advertise some of the New ones, which I am in honour bound to do, at my expence, that I may in some measure serve him, who has been very ready to serve me, and repay myself the Charges I have been at, and for the binding which must be £50,[16] or more — The overplus Mr Millar shall have to lessen the debt between them.[17] I have also recd many Books from Mssr. Foulis, Kincaid, Hamilton & Co.[18] all which I will keep to my own Acct if Mr Millar will allow me to sell them, or it shall be at his option to take them at the price they are chargd to me. I shall not trouble Mr Millar with any Wharehouse room for these books as I shall keep them in the Lodgings I may have. I laid out near £20 at Mr Baker’s Sale last month,[19] but the books may probably be wanted in time, or I may sell them in some Auction. I have been at Sundry small expences since I have been in the House, but chuse to pass them over rather than trouble Mr Millar with them.

This is the true & honest State of the case, and I think it the fairest to tell it at once, that Mr Millar may be a judge of it.

Upon the Conditions above mentiond I will chearfully serve him — I will devout my whole time to his Service – and will do all I can for his Interest — On the other hand, I desire Mr Millar will give it as chearfully as I may receive it; if not, I beg it as a favour he will totally decline it – on which I will immediately follow the Plan Intended, & embrace the opportunity this Shop & Situation may afford me, which, with the assistance of some friends & the advantages that may accrue from the books in my possession, I make no doubt of doing very well – even in this case Mr Millar may depend on my doing him any Services he may please to ask of me.

Tuesday 25th Decbr 1759

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