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Dr Sr

I have here Sent you inclosed the double of ye Petition of ye Brewers[1] wc was brunt at ye Cross[2] – and a Remonstrance from ye Highland Clans &:c:,[3] both wc I thought you would be Curious to See – we have a report here yt there’s a Stopt put to Prosecuting ye Brewers, as also ye Uplifting of ye Malt tax, till ye Parliment sit doun[4] this sd to be done by Order from ye Justices by ye Kings desire who has heard of what past at Hanover[5] what Certainty is in any of these things I can not be positive till you but it’s ye Common discourse in town at this time and Moroever there’s none of ye Brewer[s] imprisoned neither have they enacted as yet conformed to ye stat. of Sederunt,[6] and this being ye last day that they had gives more ground to thinkt so. —

wc wt kind respects to yr Self & Mrs Woodrow
I am Dr Sr – yr Oblidged Humble Servt

Edr Aug: 10th 1725 A:Millar

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August 10

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