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Edin.br Aug: 5th 1725

Dr Sr

Yrs I was favoured wt of ye 2d Curt,[1] and According to yr desire has sent ye Prices of ye following Books viz: Bleaus Atlas Scotia finely bd 3^£^,[2] Claget agt owen 4ss,[3] Whears Method of History is sold but you shall have one at ye sale price viz: 4ss,[4] Life of Whitgift neat and Clean 2/6,[5] Arabian 5 & 6 vols wc Contains 8.9.10, 11 and 12 are marked only 4ss it allways sells here for 6ss,[6] Bret on Ch: Gouvrnment 4/6,[7] Colliers Apology 9ss,[8] Burnet’s 3 v[ls] was sold at 3£–3s,[9] ye 29 volls of Pamplets cannot be sold under 20ss they by Mr McEuen upwards of what you offer — — there is little news here at present, nor can we expect any till thursday[10] when ye Brewers are to give in their Answer whither they’l enact [or] not, I hear and believes yt every one of ym designs to stand out[11] (excepting Baille Simpson who enacted and [illeg.] had 29. 9 Gallon trees of ale sent back to him every day and in all probability will be ye first man yt will leave over)[12] there’s 120 or thereabouts ^[Plain] warrant’s^ signed for[13] to [illeg.] [so many] brewers in Prison unless they enact ymselves [illeg.] thursday ye event of all this god knows – there’s la[illeg.] doun Reynolds Philosophical Sacred Poem[14] on [death]

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ye inclosed Pamplet is just now Printing but theres to be other 2 ½ Sheets of it its supposed to be done by ye Advocate D: Forbes,[15] altho no body knows its Author wc I beg of you to keep to yrself ye rest when Printed shall send by nixt post wc at Present wt kind respects to yrself and Spouse and wherin I can serve you freely Command

R. Sr
Yr Most Hum: & Oblidged Servt

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August 5

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