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Edin.br July 15 1725

R: Sr

Yrs of ye 14th Curt Mr Mac. Euen was favoured wt,[1] and According to yr desire has left Watt’s on ye trinity 2d part[2] price 2ss, & Clark agt ye Religion of Nature[3] 1ss at my Lord Pollocks Lodging,[4] As to these pieces of Strype’s[5] we have ym not at present but I shall Comission ym this night, as also yt Monthly Catalogue of New books[6] wc you mention in yrs & when they come to hand shall let you know — As to sending you a list of new books it wou’d be endless and besides seeing yt you get ye London prints[7] its in my Opinion needless for to be sure you have all ye new ones inserted in ym, however I have wt ye above two books sent you a Catalogue of Books (wc we are selling now after ye same method yt we did when you was in at ye Assembly)[8] where I do believe you’l find some you want if you do please let me know and depend on it, yt I’ll send you ym as Cheap as possible, and besides I could engage ye prices you’l like yr self.

Upon ye Magistrats of Edr[9] inserting a piece of news in ye Caledonian Mercury[10] anent[11] yt Affair at Glasgow,[12] ^Mr McEuen^ he had ye inclosed[13] sent him by ye Magistrats of Glasgow to insert in his Courant[14] wc he was going to do, but ye Magistrats here, hearing of it, send to him page: 2and G: D—d[15] personaly threated prison to him if he printed it[16] — however wtout his knowledge I undertook to print it by itself as I did ye inclosed, after publishing ym on ye Streets here, they [Sized] ym and took ym from ye ladies, however notwtstanding I published ym at Leith[17] & in ye Coffee houses here, publickly and they did not stop ym, but in ye interim several Gentlemen came to me and told yt they heard, yt I was to be put in Prison &:c:, so I desired ym if they pleased to aquant Provost Campbell[18] or any of ye Magistrats yt I had good vouchers for what I had done & thought it hard yt both Parties could not be heard, and told some of ymselves[19] yt 5£ ane hour was good pay & being scarce of money would be [forced] to accept of ye same,[20] but from yt day to this no body has troubled me, but indeed I believe they wou’d done it if they could —

Which wt dutyfull respects to yr self & Mrs Woodrow and if in any thing I can serve you freely command

D: Sr
Yr Oblidged & Humble Servt
A: Millar

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The Reverend
Mr Robt Woodrow
Minr of ye Gospel at

July 15 1725

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