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Paisley[1] 16 July 1765

Dr Cadell[2]

I recd all yours wt ye Transactions[3] but have been kept so engaged here and in ye highlands wt Compy yt I had no time to think of company ^London^ or what yo are doing but yt I am perswaded yo do for the best and I am quite satisfied.

This morning I go for Glasgow. my Complimts to Mr Hollis[4] Tell him I dine wt ye Principal[5] and some of the Professors there when I shall not forget what he ha[s] recommended to me.[6] I shall be in Edr [Edinburgh] on Friday and I hope in London in 3 or 4 Weeks but continue ye Transactions to me under Kincaid’s cover[7] till yo hear again

Ld Charlemont[8] did mention ye returning of Catesby as it came to so much money,[9] but I told him he shd pay it when he pleased, and as he kept it so long, I did not doubt he’s keeping it, for before I went to Bath offered to send for it, but his Lsp [Lordship] desired it to lye, and therefor I imagine he wd keep it, but there must be no contending[10] wt his Lsp abt it only tell him this in an oblidging ^way^

I intended Schombergs book shd been 2/6 for not one less wd been sold.[11] It is partly on his acct.[12]

Shorts I never expected it wd sell.[13] I have no concern in it.[14] he left so much money for advertsg wc is [illeg.] you did right not to send a bad map of Scotland, it may now be delayed.[15] The Waste I think is well sold – Lyle is mad.[16] [‘m’ overwritten on ’b’] I wrote to him yt I wd not trust him 1/1[17] – yo did right to pay ^[Seare]^ Bewels & Noys[18] ye notes.[19] & pay Hamilton also.[20] I am glad Hunter goes on wt such expedition in Pall Mall and I hope he will continue.[21] I find he knows not Mills my page: 2½ landlord. for he has not ye money to pay if I wd accept but yt I will setle when I come to Town I hope to your satisfaction.[22]

Pray remember us all to Miss Boote tell her yt her Sister[23] and Mrs Millar are so engaged yt they cannot find time to write but promise soon to do it. We all remember her wt affection.

It grieves us all ye News of Milliken[24] but hope he will get well. Mr Fraser[25] left us ye next morning after we came first here for Edr Since wc I have not heared of him. That share of Cotton, I had amongst John Osborn’s copys wc I did not think worth printing in to ye List of copies.[26]

I never sold a Bolingbroke in 4to under ^£^3. gs often 3:3:0 after ye Sale.[27] Wren[28] paid so and I can’t now alter ye price. The Last Edit: of ye author printed of the Seasons[29] was a Crown 8vo in 1744[30] but I have never a one[31] nor do I know where it is to be had. I never liked ye Editor[32] and wish I was well rid of him but yt between you and me. Lechman[33] paid 3/6 to my Br ye Capt[34] wc yo will find charged to his acctt so there remains 1/15 wc I fancy he will pay to day and if he does shall add it in ye P:S:[35]

I shall bring Mr Montagu Stewarts Tracts. Send no more Genl Evening[36] to my Br Henry.[37] Inclosed is Wilson’s rect wc yo will receive of Adair & C[?] Henry wt it.[38] remember us to all freinds & beleive me Truly

Yours AndMillar

Send ye Inclosed.

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aquaint Mr Hollis That ye requisite[39] I made is granted by ye Colledge of Glasgow.[40]

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