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London 24 April 1764

Dear Sir

Your favr of the 18th I recd on Sunday and that of the 26th of March early yesterday.[1] This last was answered before and the box addressed as you desired, and I hope safe arrived.[2]

I have just reprinted ye Tudor’s in small 4to[3] and I beleive I shall the Stewarts in that seize soon when those facts yo mention of Charles II and James II may be inserted.[4] I fancy he was a man of veracity tho’ a great bigot.[5] I am astonished at ye latter part of your Paragraph viz. “I shall certainly never think of adding another line to it. I am too much yr freind to think of it. Sure this cannot be the great Philosopher Mr Hume, yr Dissipations has I fancy made you idle, but This I am sure of you can in no Instance in yr Life be of ye Title of use to me as by continuing yr history and I think also to ye Public.[6] If Fame and ye Testimony of the Judicious & sensible of all Nations is any Motive and also Interest these you have Strong on yr Side and I am sure for my self the latter is ye greatest yo can do me think yo as you will,[7] but I know yr Pride is [illeg.] ^hurt^ by certain People I had allmost called them fools that has Thought of another person for writing yt History de Novo.[8] but I would dispise such and go on as you originaly intended[9] as I am perswaded the Person employed would gladly decline the Invidious Task imposed on him.

As to Coke’s Institutes it is very dear I paid 6:16:6 for it[10] and It was ye only copy to be had of ye best Edition in London, the others are very defective and sure when a Work of value is wrote for[11] I shd send ye best as you should[12] fixed the price I could not guess page: 2by the other Books wrote for but yt Person would chuse the best.[13] but it may be retd[14] and all I desire The Charges should be paid by the person.[15] There is an Edition yt is sold for abt 2:2: or l/45[16] but People here consider it as of litle value in comparision of that Sort.

Sir John ^Gordon^[17] called when I came so far, to desire I would remind you of what he mentioned to you before you left this place to procure if possible a Compleat Collection of all the remonstrances of the Parliments of Paris ^France^ during this King’s reign. and if you are so kind as oblidge him in yt respect to send them over to me with ye Charge wc shall be repaid with Thanks.[18]

I knew ye Paragraph of Mrs Mallet’s before I recd yrs The Woman is wrong in ye head.[19] Dr Pringle advises me to go next Month to Harrowgate[20] for 6 Weeks to compleat my cure begun last Summer and I beleive Mrs Millar and I shall go next month. She joins wt me in our Most affectionate Complements to you and I ever am

Dr Sr
Yr most Obed hum Svt
AHRC Millar Project