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Edr May 20th 1735

Dear Andr[1]

having built a new house lately[2] I desired you[3] to have no demands upon me till I had gatherd up my feet again and you come slap dash with a Bill of six pounds upon me I think it unkind that you did not ask me before hand if I coud easyly do it[4] which at present in this dead time I can not I desire you to write to your Brother[5] to delay asking for it for some weeks for at present I have no money till people come to toun that owe me – as I told you before your Liberty[6] does not sell ther are so few in this place will give a shilling for a sparce printed poem – nor have I sold one of Boerhave[7] those who should have bought him hold themselves satisfied with Shaws Edition[8] I have craved[9] Taylor Campbell[10] twice he promises & that is all — shall send Mr Nairn[11] his packet with the Dundee carrier Thursday next – get a couple of good fidles for my Musick such as amount to the price and I hope youll take care they do me Justice and send them to me soon as ye can for I shall put them up page: 2in a generall Auction[12] I am to have against July next wherin I dispose[13] of not only Books but prints picturres plate jewels Medals Musickall Instruments &c in short every nice or curious thing either of my own or any Bodys els that want to be quit of things that other people may Incline to if a pennyworth, this if I find people encourage I design to have twice or thrice a year — I do not understand what you mean by declining to print my poem as if there were ought wrong in a pice of Ironical Satyre[14] but however take [y]our own will in the affair I printed it here last week and it sells well even to ministers[15] — I wrote to you before to get up my five Guineas from those who printed my poems according to paction[16] or let me ken[17] their names that I may imploy another to do it it is a joke for them to alege they do not sell I know but too well they do, even in newcastle & Durhame wher I use to pick up 25 or 30 pounds a year will not take my 8th Edition[18] unless I give them as Cheap as the London of which they have sold a great number – as I page: 3shall do all I can without wronging my self to serve you I hope you’ll do the same with me

I am your humble servt
Allan Ramsay

Just as I had finished this Letter your Brother[19] came into my shop with his Bill I told him I had your advice about it at the same time that I was out of cash at present, he was so wel[20] at my desire after I had accepted the Bill to delay demanding the payment till the Midle of June next so you need not write to him as I proposed above

having cleard of my printseller and not designing to deal with him any further do you get me two sets of the Loves of the Gods by Gunst from Titian[21] they will cost you 9 shillings the set, and send them to me.

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Mr Andr Millar
Bookseller at Buchannans
head near Temple - Bar

Edr May 20. 1735 Allan
Ramsay answrd
10 June
abt Sundry[s]
2d paymt of his poems

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