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page: 1 Andrew Miller,[1] died &c: {^at Scarboro’^ 30 July 1750}[2] Aged &c: {5 years 6 mts 28 days} And tho Altho’ thus early from all Ills remov’d,[3] In Death lamented, as in Life belov’d! Altho And tho’ thus Early*, *from all Ills remov’d, Here fix, firm Marble, sacred to thy Trust, And guard These dear Remains,[4] of Infant Dust![5] He that who gives Worldly Joys, has Right to take! That Thought, forbids the Parents’ Hearts to break: What tho’ Their Hopes, cold Tomb! are lost in Thee? Yet such, the End of Earthly Hopes must be. All that sweet Innocence on Earth can Boast, Is shipwreck’d off, on Sin’s destructive Coast: Mourn not a Change Religion holds most dear! An Angel now! when but a Mortal Here.
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