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Dear Sir

You may be surprised at not hearing from me since yo went[1] but the Truth is nothing of Change happened sith[2] I was at Tunbridge,[3] from whence I did not return till last Week there I understood Mr Strahan[4] had wrote you twice all he knew wt his own reflections. you will see how scurrilous ye Writers have been in ye abuse of their Idol Pitt[5] and ye People no bar.[6] I allwise thought them in extreams for I think he has great qualities wt great faults, but by accepting a Peerage[7] he can neither serve nor hurt his Prince or Country so much as before, yet by his council may do service,[8] and therefor I think the abuses throwen quite scandalous, till they see his future actions wc I still hope will be for the honr of the Nation. his breaking wt Temple is happy for him,[9] for this loss was a millstone abt his neck – Egmont’s resignation[10] proceeded from the councils aversion to austrian Connections of wc he is madly fond of – I am not judge how far German connections is of use to us, but this I am certain yr Hero has fallen greatly in esteem of Mankind here,[11] by his quarrel wt Ld Ferdinand,[12] but more for the oppression as we hear of his own subjects.[13] We cannot cure the World but take it as it is tho’ it is Strange that Men by a little attention will not learn to amend ymselves by past examples. as to what Politicks is passing or what Jostling there is now I know no more tho’ here than yo do at Berlin. only I know The King wt his family here page: 2seem perfectly happy in one another.[14] Ld Bute has not made his appearance on this Green since I returned.[15] nor do I Perceive any Person here of distinction abt the family. I fancy they are only allowed to come to ye Queens house[16] or St James’[17] when Majesty appears there. where we shall leave them and give an acctt of Freinds wc I think more agreeable.

I heared from Sr Arthur Forbes at Tunbridge.[18] I find he & his Lady wt some more of his Children he brings up next month for their Education and He thinks of taking a house at Chelsea for 6 or 7 mts such an one I have heared for them.[19]

Sr John Pringle,[20] Mesr Scott[21] & D: Hume wt Dr Franklyn and Mr [ gap ] were to dined wt us here last week. Sr John is much better for his Journey to Pyrmont both he and Dr Franklyn who accompined him are much pleased wt their journey and their views they saw.[22] tho’ The Dr said in passing thro’ some of the K. of P: dominions ^told us^ he saw an excellent likeness of him but it gave him no desire to see the original where ye subjects groaned under such oppression. We all wished you happy wt us as none is more happily beloved by their friends than yrself.

Hume still talks of going on wt his history. then we shall have an uniform edition of The Whole.[23] his Temper is not altered by Rousau’s ungratefull crazy Treatmt of him.[24] The King, Ld Mansfield[25] Chesterfield[26] and many others have seen their correspondence. I fancy it will be printed, and if so shall send you an early copy.[27] It has not in ye least hurt his stomack[28] but G: Scott contested ye feild of Victory wt him, and ye company seemed inclined to George wc made David look very grave till it burst in a Laugh. I quarreled them for not writing you, but they said every thing page: 3was so uncertain. they could not. but ye Truth is they are so dissipated and engaged that they cannot find time.

Our friend Dr Murdoch I think much fails.[29] D Smith of Cambridge[30] whom he was lately to see is much for his Preparing wtout loss of Time an Edit: of Sr Isaac Newtons works. I much doubt of its success as yt great author is little read and less understood. The only chance of success is ye Vanity of Mankind, to have such an author in their Library and this I have found upon more occasions than one an usefull engine.

John Gray[31] is rather better than when yo saw him. he is now under cure of an American yt our friend ^Reid^[32] brought to him and even Robertson[33] thinks him better since he attended him, but Sr J: Pringle has not yet seen him. but thinks he was right to try. but nothing can restore a wore out constitution tho’ they may [[pro]]long it a little while from decay.

Reid is as happy as Carmichael[34] wtout honrs or Riches. but what is better. Honest man Reid is as fond of experiments as the other is of Prints or medals.

There is not a day passes but you are remembered here by some freind or other and by none more sincerely than Mrs Millar & I.

We stay here till Novr abt ye Midle and then for Bath till the end of Jany,[35] abt wc time wt continual keeping fires in ye rooms we hope it will be quite safe for us to go to. Where none can be welcomer than yourself.

Tho’ I left ye Strand at Midsumr to Mr Cadell one every way deserving. yet I can wt Truth say not one minute have I page: 4regretted it nor one hour has lain heavy on my hands. I go there once or perhaps may twice a Week to see and be seen. I allwise find employmt enought at Tunbridge I had honest Fergusson for his Lectures[36] and Johnston ye dissenting minr to collect for,[37] and succeeded in both. That I may not be idle at Bath I have engaged Fergusson there abt Xmas and tho’ he said he never succeded there.[38] I have promised to get him no 50 and I am sure I can for Mrs Millar and I will be 2 and will find no great difficulty of finding 48 more.

Dr Lowth has had 2 Bpricks since yo left us.[39] 1st St Davids ye last Oxford. Moss has got the first.[40] I hear for certain That Lowth is to have the care of The Prince of Wales and the young Bp[41] happy will it be for them: for a better man never existed, as well as Ingenious. Hume and he are very great,[42] tho’ one orthodox and ye other Hedretox.[43] they have met often at my house, and since at each others. The last letter I had from ye Bp was from Durham he and B Gloucster[44] will be neighbouring Bps & I hope Peace will dwell wt Brethren.[45]

I was greatly ye better of Tunbridge Waters and find my self realy well. better than I have reason to expect as Mrs Millar would say considering the days of [illeg.] Thomson and now and then our oily freind[46] who likes to moisen ye clay as well as me. Mr Marchead who died in May.[47] made a Sensible Will not mentioning Leckie in it[48] I ever am tho’ my right hand a little tired ever Dr Sr yr Most Obligd Hum Srvt


Kew Green 28 Augt 1766

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