This is the open-access site for The Andrew Millar Project.
The project documents the life and career of Andrew Millar (1705-68), one of the most important publishers of the eighteenth century. 

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This part of the site presents historical materials and commentary on the following themes:

  • Authors and Friends – Samuel Richardson, author, to Andrew Millar, on the death of the Millars’ son.
  • Negotiating Publishing – Millar’s business dealings with the poet Allan Ramsay, and the philosopher-historian David Hume.  
  • Partners and Booksellers – Millar’s business dealings with bookselling associates Thomas Becket and Thomas Cadell.
  • Politics of Printing – Millar’s early correspondence on the Malt Tax Riots with the minister and historian Robert Wodrow.
  • Social Milieu – Millar’s exchange of news with the diplomat Andrew Mitchell.

Further historical materials are featured in the e-learning modules.

eLearning Modules

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This part of the site features three e-learning modules, covering:

  • The world of the eighteenth-century bookseller
  • An introduction to online resources
  • How to read an eighteenth-century manuscript letter

The modules introduce historical context, teach research skills, and signpost further avenues for study.

About this site

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